Second hand market

This section is intended to offer is a free service to SONOSAX users to help them in reselling their used SONOSAX equipment.

  • Any sale is made directly from user to user, SONOSAX is not involved in transactions
  • All information regarding the equipment listed below are under the sole responsibility of the seller, and are posted as received by the seller SONOSAX can not be held liable for the accuracy of the given information’s

To add your equipment in this list, please send an email to with the following information:

  • Model name
  • Serial number
  • First use date
  • Contact info (name, address, phone, email, …)
  • Price + currency
  • A digital picture of your product







SONOSAX SX-S10 s/n 16’419
Incl. Flightcase

First use September 2005
Contact Horst Grössbauer / Austria
Phone +43 (0) 664 537 1918
EUR 5’500.-
SONOSAX SX42 s/n 00059

First use 2008
Contact Ricky Milano
Omnibus Studio
Via Watt 5
20143 Milano
Phone +39 02 49 66 33 35
EUR 2’500.-
4x AES cable
Wired to connect a Cantar output (SUBD25) to Sonosax accessory connector

Condition New, unused
Cable length 76cm
Cable type Very flexible Mogami multi microphone cable
Contact Stuart Wilson
Phone +44 77 71 53 38 16
EUR 70.-
GBP 60.-

Condition Perfect condition, only use 4 months
Contact David Cavallo
Phone +41 76 775 46 50
CHF 2’500.-
SONOSAX SX-R4 s/n 00085

First use December 2011
Contact Trevor Moore
37 Whitestile Road
Brentford, Middelsex, UK
Phone 07958762579
GBP 2’500.-
SONOSAX SX-ES64 s/n 00055

Condition New, unused
Contact François Musy
NosSonMix Sàrl
13 rue du Nord
CH-1180 Rolle
Phone +41 21 826 02 28
CHF 8’200.-
SONOSAX SX42 s/n 00018
With EQ option

Condition Excellent condition
Contact François Musy
NosSonMix Sàrl
13 rue du Nord
CH-1180 Rolle
Phone +41 21 826 02 28
CHF 2’600.-
SONOSAX SX-ST8D mixer s/n 0433’0038
Pre-wired for 8CH, only 7 installed, configured as North American version, supplied in Nannuk case.

First use date March 2006
Contact Myk Farmer
Auckland, New Zealand
Phone +64 (0) 27 474 1804
EUR 8’700.-
SONOSAX SX-62R mixer/recorder s/n 00035
Good general condition, SSD 64GB installed. Sold with a SD card to Compact Flash adapter, power supply & bag. Fully revised on October 2017 by SONOSAX.

First use date 2012
Contact Rodolphe Alexis
EUR 3’800.-
SONOSAX SX-PR stereo mixer

First use date 1989
Contact Edmund Cape
203 Kitchawan Road
South Salem, NY 10590
text message 1-917-715-8299
USD 3’000.-
SONOSAX SX-R4+ 16 tracks recorder s/n00032

Excellent condition. Incl. battery, charger, KTEK Stingray Junior bag.

First use date 15th November 2015
Contact Philip Reeder
United Kingdom
GBP 3’800.-
SONOSAX SX-M32 3 channels/stereo mixer with digital output s/n 00157

First use date 2012
Contact Marc Thill
9 rue du Bugnon
1299 Crans-près-Céligny
phone +41 76 707 95 49
CHF 2’100.-
SONOSAX SX-ST 8D s/n 0433’0104
8 mike in 1 stereo Line in/ 8D out/4 aux out north US style communication.

First use date January 2008
Contact Antoin Cox CAS
Production Sound Mixer
phone +316 50628527
EUR 9’999.99
SONOSAX SX-S10 s/n 16664
8 Ch including Film Module, Extension Box & 4 Ch Aux Strip. Refurbished to spec in Lausanne, Dec 2017. Excellent condition.

First use date 1999
Contact Roderick Matte

5220 Sunningdale Road, Burnaby, British Columbia, V5B 1M5, Canada

phone 1-778-895-3191
CAD $8’500.-
SONOSAX SX-ST8D s/n 433’0099
Very lightly used Studio based SX-ST mixer.

First use date 2007
Contact Travis Allen
USD $11’500.-